Table of Contents

As this blog unfolds very much like a book, here is a listing in publication order to make it easier to peruse the whole blog from the beginning without having to do a lot of scrolling.  Blog posts will be grouped into larger chapter headings.



Facts and Figures

By Any Other Name

Chapter 1: Computer Games of the 1950s

The Priesthood at Play: Computer Games in the 1950s

Tennis Anyone?

Searching for Bobby Fisher

Chapter 2: The Birth of the Computer

The Mechanical Age

The Creation of the Electronic Digital Computer

The Commercialization of the Computer

Real-Time Computing

Chapter 3: Spacewar!

People Get Ready, There’s a Train A-Coming

One, Two, Three, Four I Declare a Space War

Chapter 4: From the Mainframe to the Minicomputer

The Transistor and the Integrated Circuit

IBM and the Seven Dwarfs

DEC and Data General

Chapter 5: Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney

The Book of Nolan

The Stars Are Right

Chapter 6: The History of Coin-Op

The Rise and Fall of the Penny Arcade

From Slot Machines to Sportlands


From Sportlands to Playlands

Consolidation and Stagnation

A Technological Revolution

Chapter 7: Computer Space and Galaxy Game

Plans in Motion

A Nutty Idea

Chapter 8: Ralph Baer and the Magnavox Odyssey

The Baer Essentials

1TL200: A Magnavox Odyssey


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