Long Overdue Update

Wow, it’s hard to believe nearly a year has gone by since I last posted on this blog.  When I started “They Create Worlds” a few years ago, the idea was that I would use this space to highlight my sources and organize my thoughts for the books I currently plan to write on video game history.  The text seen here is not the text of the book itself, which will be narrative rather than so heavily focused on reporting what the individual sources say, but it has served as an incubator for some of my thoughts and theories.

Once I started writing the first book in earnest, I realized there was no way I could realistically undertake both massive writing projects at the same time.  Therefore, I have spent the last year focusing on actually writing the book, which I hope to have finished sometime next year (hopes of completing it by the end of this year proved overly optimistic, but much progress has been made).  I do plan to return to this blog at some point, however, because I believe the source evaluation I am doing here is valuable for other researchers and historians and will serve to explain some of the narrative choices I make in the books themselves, which are less concerned with highlighting all the contradictions in the underlying sources.

In the meantime, I will be updating the posts already on here from time to time as I make new discoveries in my research, and I continue to podcast twice a month on various topics in video game history (like so much on this site, the podcast listings I maintain here are out of date and more recent episodes can be found on the podcast website).  I thank you all for your continued interest in my work.


  1. That’s excellent news- I’ve been following your blog pretty avidly, and am looking forward to the book whenever it is completed. Your work here is definitely of interest to other researchers and historians, even on an amateur level- I know I’ve used it extensively as a source for Wikipedia articles on the early history of video games, leading up to the Odyssey (since that’s, uh, as far as this blog has gotten), and it’s by far the best source for the time period I’ve been able to find- much more detailed/accurate than the books out there.


    1. I’ve been working hard at refining some of the early stuff with Alex and I’ve got a lot of new info about things like Hamurabi/The Sumer Game/Sumer Game which I’ll be writing about eventually. You can also catch some tidbits for later stuff on Alex’s podcast, though I don’t know if Wikipedia finds that as a reputable source.

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