Casting Pods

I should have another post wrapping up the Computer Space saga sometime this week, but in the meantime I wanted to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to announce a new initiative: a They Create Worlds podcast.  The format will just be my friend Jeff and I talking about various topics in video game history.  We aim to post two a month (1st and 15th), and they will run about an hour each.  The first two will be introductory episodes before we start tackling issues in more depth in a sort of documentary interview style.  The first episode is now live at podbean, and it will hopefully be up soon on iTunes as well.

One comment

  1. Great to see you back on the long and grinding road, and welcomes to Jeff! You actually stole this out from the nose of myself and another person, as we were talking about doing a podcast as well to hopefully stir some further discussion and audience.

    This is a good primer for those looking for the purpose of the blog, though I’ve already talked to you about it a bit so I knew a bit of this already. If you ever need further voices for the show I can find people who would be willing to lend a perspective.

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